DFK International

iAudit is member of DFK International and Croatian representative.

DFK is a major international association of independent audit, accounting and tax consulting firms that have been meeting the needs of clients. According to the statistics as of January 2017, the association has 214 firms with 412 offices in 92 countries across the world with total fee income of USD 1,224 bn realized in 2016. DFK International has global presence for more than 50 years and operates with international, regional and national level organisations and has been named in the world’s Top 10 largest international associations of independent accounting firms and business advisers. Each DFK member is an independent legal entity in its own country.

With the combined expertise of DFK International, we are able to support clients worldwide with the highest quality of advice and assistance not only in terms of audit quality but across all services that they expect from us.

For further details about DFK International you can visit the official website at www.dfk.com