IAUDIT is celebrating global independent accountancy association DFK international’s 60th anniversary.

We are proud to have been a member of DFK International for 8 years – an association which benefits both the business and our clients.

DFK enables us to support our clients to do business internationally, referring them to like-minded firms with similar values to provide a seamless service.

The association provides us with a platform to share knowledge, ideas and best practice as well as information about the latest technology to ensure we remain at the forefront of the sector.

It is also a pioneer in training and development, creating programmes to specifically develop young professionals in the industry as they progress in their careers.

DFK International has 229 member firms which have a combined total of 441 offices across 93 countries.

The association strives for equality, diversity and inclusion, promoting a culture that celebrates difference, challenges prejudice and ensures fairness.

Martin Sharp, executive director of DFK International, said: “In 1962 the founders of DFK International envisaged setting up an association of independent firms that could support their clients to do business internationally and provide an alternative to the big networks which were being set-up. Although DFK has grown considerably and the international business landscape has changed, the principles and ethos on which DFK was established still remain. Beyond this, DFK provides a forum to share knowledge and best practice between like-minded individuals who are keen to support their clients and help fellow member firms. We have a strong family atmosphere which has grown over the years to give member firms the opportunity to build relationships with people from different countries and different cultures. This year we celebrate this success and look forward to continuing to build these relationships in the years to come.”

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Following the resolution of the commercial court dated 7 February 2020, the merger process between Revizija Centar from Zagreb and iAudit was completed and since then, the two companies have been operating in a unified manner, providing services to their clients under the joint name iAudit.

The merger is a result of a joint initiative by the founders of both companies who wanted to take the advantage of synergistic effects in extending the range of services offered, expanding the knowledge base and experience in order to improve the level of service quality and consequentially, strengthen the market position.

“After the formal merger, we are now in a period in which we are utilizing expected synergy effects and additionally investing in developing knowledge of our employees so that we could in the best possible way address demanding changes that affect day-to-day business activities of our clients. After developing entirely through organic growth, since 2011 when the iAudit was founded, by merging with Revizija Centar we have opened a new chapter in our business activity and we expect that the joint potential, which is now available especially in the form of a larger number of experienced partners, will result in a higher quality of services that we provide to our clients.” – said iAudit’s partner, Boris Vidas.

Except for the office in the Company’s headquarters in Rijeka, following this statutory change, iAudit now also has the office in Zagreb, which further strengthens its presence in the capital city and economic centre of Croatia.

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