Financial stability and a sound system of financial management and controls are the key elements of successful operations of business entities and non-profit organizations. With the aim of achieving described stability and soundness of internal business process, we can offer our clients support in the following:

  • Overseeing the development and implementation of accounting policies and procedures for the business model
  • Preparation of periodic reports which enable management to perform a review of key financial indicators, such as the balance of cash positions, investments, the ageing structure of receivables and of debt, sales analysis, etc.
  • Preparation of custom reports and budgets, budget comparisons with achieved results, comparisons by departments or locations
  • Preparation of reports for monitoring projects
  • Improvement and optimization of business processes and implementation of integrated business management software

When preparing financial and management reports, we use internally developed web application (Tickmark Reporting Tool ) which allows preparation of standalone and consolidated financial statements out of trial balances received from our clients. The tool enables automatic connection and updating of accounts and balances from a trial balance with balances in prepared financial statements. This reporting process automation results in significant time saving and more accurate information in financial statements due to a reduction in the manual work process.